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Typical projects include full system replacement of legacy custom enterprise applications. 


We replace legacy Java, .Net, C#, Apache, Tomcat, Node.js, IIS, 4 level stack systems with a Brook 5 Framework 3 level stack.  (Microsoft Server OS or Linux, Firebird RDBMS, Brook 5 Framework).  B5F is a REST, MVC server, as fast as Nginx and is based on a libmicrohttpd kernal with a Free Pascal (Lazarus) wrapper. 

Contract Type:

We normally work on fixed monthly SaaS yearly or multi-year agreements. We cover all costs of software development and maintenance, server hardware and maintenance (backups). This allows you to predict your costs and us to predict our income which allows stable service delivery.

Personnel Experience:

Operational Weapons Systems Management, Canadian Forces, CC-130, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul  (MRO), including aero structure inspection/repair, wiring shop (re-harness), engineering document management.

Histocompatibility Laboratory, University of Alberta Hospital, Organ donor/recipient DNA matching software.

Medical Clinic EMR, including all aspects of healthcare records keeping, government and private pay, inventory, scheduling, staff/resource coordination.

FinTech: RapidGain portfolio manager and opportunity finder.

Next:  YOU, and your plans for an amazing new level of efficiency.

Current Tools List

Website Guardian
High efficiency tool that monitors your websites for code 200. If down, emails you and RESTARTS your application pool automatically.  
(English only. Runs on Windows servers 2008, 2012, 2016)
Anchor 2
Firebird RDBMS Database Admin tool. 
Works similar to FlameRobin but with many time saving improvements. 
Get the "Tips and Tricks" guide for full details.  

Design philosophy

User interaction with this tool is intended to be:

- Deliberate      (Exact opposite of an application. Gives you max control)
- Mechanical    (DB actions are previewed to SQL so you can interject) 
- Codiferous     (No newbie-ish "forms" to fill out. Show me the code!)

Specifically made for Firebird RDBMS only. No heart-breaking genericized compromised sub-optimal nonsense!  

(Firebird 3x only. English Only.  Runs on Windows servers 2008, 2012, 2016)


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